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Tuesday · September 30 2003

Check out Mojan's post from yesterday. Like Stacy and I a couple years ago, Mojan and her husband Eric recently moved into a new place with less than a full house of furnishings. Well, we had stuff to put in the rooms, but everything either came from my mom, the alley, or Target. We're still only part of the way there, because decorating takes time, money, and some separation in taste so that your whole house doesn't look like page 43 of the Room and Board catalog.

She talks about taking her time, finding the pieces of the puzzle, and not giving up to just start a new puzzle. That requires discipline -- a quality I've been working hard at recently, a quality that makes you seem like a grown-up.

Tossing a project aside and getting your hands dirty in the next one is fun, fun, fun. I like to open the packages of new video games, start new books, make lists of movies to see, listen to the first 3 tracks of a new CD, think of new art projects to do and paint 2 rooms in my house and leave the rest white. Following through and
finishing is another matter. That's where the discipline comes in. Discipline is taking my time, giving my full attention and working hard at enjoying the plans I laid.

It's really hard.

What you had to say:
October 02 2003

Wow! I never thought of it as discipline. My friends say I'm indecisive. But hm, I prefer discipline. Thanks, J. :)

October 02 2003

Well, you could still just be indecisive. But the discipline with which you stick to that indecision is admirable. Or something like that, I think I mean, or sort of, like, you know.

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