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Tuesday · September 30 2003

Umm, yeah. I'm going to be emotionally blown by friday if every game is that tense. Kerry Wood put this team on his back tonight. 7 1/3 innings pitched, 11 Ks, 2 H, 2 ER. Oh and the game winning hit on a double. Wood turned in an absolutely outstanding performance.

Z is pitching tomorrow with Prior waiting to go on Friday at Wrigley. This is fun stuff.

As for Steve Kline, the fucknut pitcher on the Cardinals, grow up. Kline said about Prior, "I hope that someone hits him in the face with a line drive so we never have to see him again." Bobby Valentine's response on Baseball tonight regarding Kline, "A ridiculous statement by a ridiculous person."

Sports is beautiful. Nowhere else except politics can you consistently see adults voluntarily embarrass themselves by opening their mouths.

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October 01 2003

I was at a three-hour-long business meeting of a NFP group I work with last night till about 10:30. This totally kooky guy sat in the corner with a boom box on his lap and big headphones askew on his head, listening to the game. He drew a scoreboard on a legal pad and held it up whenever anyone scored. He also added commentary to the bottom anytime anything noteworthy happened in the game.
Despite my underappreciation of baseball in general, I was very happy he was there last night.

October 01 2003

Saw your Eamus Catuli! reference. Go Cubs! indeed after Wood's performance last night. If you're interested in the Catuli and the Latin phrase, see: Just trying to get word out about the site. Sorry, if it was an inconvenience.

Eamus Catuli!

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