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Monday · September 29 2003

  • Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, Vol I) by Neal Stephenson. Cryptonomicon is a great read, and I have little doubt that this will be just as good. Some of the main characters (or their ancestral proxies) are reprised in Quicksilver. Root, Shaftoe, Waterhouse. Quicksilver is the first of a trilogy and is set in the early 1700s with the likes of Isaac Newton and Leibniz as supporting cast. I'm going to buy this at lunch today.
  • was launched a couple weeks ago. If this site catches on, it will be everything Friendster would like to be -- namely useful. You join a metro area, list an event, or flag yourself as attending. Instead of creating the web's largest vanity mirror (*cough* Friendster *cough*), is organized to actually encourage people to meet up at events of common interest (concerts, art fairs, etc). Upcoming is still new, so the membership is quite small, but looks to have all the tools of a quality social app on the web. Related, I hear Friendster wants to start charging. Who in their right mind would pay for the great big web site that does nothing?
  • - Allegedly crystal clear (and free!) voice communication over the web. This would be really useful to talk to Kristin now that she's on the west coast. We're going to test it out this week. I've read good reviews so far.
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