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Sunday · September 28 2003

2003 NL Central Champs

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

2003 NL Central Champs. Stace and I headed into the chaos that was Wrigleyville, because how often do you get to do that in the middle of a division championship? I'm enjoying every minute of this. Woody will be going in game 1 vs. Atlanta. I can't wait.

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September 29 2003


The Cubs may have an easy time with those patsies from Atlanta and San Francisco, but when they arrive at the Dome for Game 1, they won't know what hit 'em. 56,000 screaming hanky wavers, and nowhere for the sound to go :)

September 29 2003

Oh, I'm not looking past anyone, least of all Atlanta. I'm nervous as hell about this week. Good luck to your Twinkies, though. I'd pay good money to see the Yankees go home early.

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