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Friday · September 26 2003

The Scotland photo album has been posted at Indirect Sunlight. Please enjoy. If you look at nothing else, look at days 9 & 10 on Skye.

I played with a bunch of different photo album designs, but wanted something that would be easy to repeat for future albums and fit into Stacy's current design.

Many thanks must go to Stepan Riha, creator of MTPaginate, Brandon Fuller, creator of MTPhotoGallery, and Brad Choate, creator of MTEmbedImage. Their Movable Type plugins made my life much easier.

What you had to say:
September 26 2003

I like the use of the Paginate control with the photos. Cool!

September 29 2003

I am going to check out those plugins!!!! Awesome.

Beautiful pictures too, I was smiling and "aww" ing through each day. Looks like you guys had a great time!

September 29 2003

Lacey, if you need any help or info on how I put them together, just ask.

MTEmbedImage is nice because it allows you to create thumbnails on the fly. MTPhotoGallery gives you a loop of photos to work with in a particular directory. If you keep your pics organized in folders, you can easily make albums with this plugin. Another one to look for at is MTGrid. Combine that with the others and you could make multi-column albums without hand coding.

I now have a templated template so that Stacy can make more albums with the change of just a couple parameters (album name, image path).

September 30 2003

I might do some testing with that, because I'm pretty organized with my photos (everything's in it's own dated folder, for example /images/093003 is today, /images/902903 was yesterday...). Is it just me, or do other people have a lot of fun with new MT plugins, too? I mean, I get *happy* when I work with a new one.

September 30 2003

I keep meaning to learn how to actually write the things, but it always seems like someone else has a plugin for what I want to do. They're pretty cool in that extreme-nerd-toy sort of way. Just don't bring em up at dinner parties. People will wander away from you.

September 30 2003

Unless it's your dinner party, right? Then we can blabber on forever.

Hey, do you use the tikitext plugin?

September 30 2003

You trying to scare people away from my party? Shhh, I try to keep this geek thing on the down low, see? :)

Nope, I don't use tikitext or any of the text formatters. I've been doing plain HTML coding for a long enough time that I'm used to it even if it is awkward.

Besides the plugins I used for the photos, the only other ones I've used here are MTOtherBlog (for pulling books, music and uncommented links from an mt weblog separate from Eggz) and MTRandomLine (to produce the random verbs that appear on the main page next to people's comments)

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