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Thursday · September 25 2003

Looking back at your freshman year of college music collection is supposed to be painful. If it's not embarrassing, give it time. Belly, Soul Asylum, The Wonderstuff all seemed like good choices at the time. Someday they'll be collector's items or part of a retro 90s decor scheme no different than how we use 45s from the 1950s today.

Pitchfork has a new feature, Castoffs and Cutouts: The Top 50 Most Common Used CDs, that will bring all those early 90s impulse buy memories flooding back. Excerpts...

Buffalo Tom - Sleepy Eyed

Listening to this record again, I just wince to think that that dickhead Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind is cashing checks Buffalo Tom earned; it's so hard to shit on this band's sunny summertime pop when not only didn't they make money on it, everyone else did three years later.
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder
Actually, they just needed a follow-up single, because although "Grey Cell Green" is crack to every college freshman that hears it at some party or on some friend's mixtape, it's hardly enough to secure this album a place in the permanent collection when the beer money grim reaper comes calling a year later.
The La's - The La's
Every year or two since this record came out in 1990, some sappy, stupid movie will use "There She Goes", prompting another 10,000 people to buy it and sell it back the same week.
Sugar - File Under Easy Listening & Beaster
There's something seriously fucking wrong with a record label when you can have the entire discography of one of the best bands on their roster delivered to your door for less than $5, but the fact that you can get File Under Easy Listening for a cent-- one penny-- from twenty different online retailers is just stupefying. Way to go, Ryko.
...and the #1 Used bin perennial, R.E.M. - Monster
Appropriately, millions of newly converted, automatic people ran screaming, selling this puke-orange coaster back at breakneck speed. You'll find a dozen copies in the cabinets under the "R" section, and a hundred more back in the warehouse.
I've owned those 5 and a great number more on that list of 50. And, nope, I haven't listened to a note from any of em for at least 7 or 8 years. Dan and I were just discussing how great Amazon Marketplace and Ebay are. They save you the in-person shame of admitting ownership of these clunkers because you need that $47 in store credit to buy the latest Outkast album which you'll no doubt sell back 8 years from now. The raised eyebrow of a clerk at Laurie's Planet of Sound can be very destructive and almost isn't worth the $3.

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September 25 2003

Man. Ned's Atomic Dustbin. I haven't thought of them in ages. They played one of the best shows I've ever seen.

September 25 2003

The only disk on that list in my collection is Jesus Jones' Doubt. In fact, I think it was Stacy who put "Right Here Right Now" on a mix she sent to me during our freshman year of college. I bought the disk, and kept it solely because it contains a song called "Welcome Back, Victoria," which talks about Victoria's "piano legs" and is the only song with my name in it that I know of to date. Though someone said there is a Tori song out there somewhere by someone.

Oh, and I saw Dada at House of Blues in Chicago about six years ago. Forgettable.

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