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Thursday · September 25 2003

If you figure out why anybody cares about Maurice Clarett and whether or not he goes to class, let me know. Night after night he is a lead story on Sportscenter with decisions to file lawsuits, go to class, and let Jim Brown speak for him.

Just go away. Nobody outside of Ohio cares.

What you had to say:
September 27 2003

The problem is that Jim Brown is advising him. This is the guy who retired from the NFL because Art Modell had the temerity to fine him $100/day for missing Spring Training. (Jim was shooting the Dirty Dozen in Germany at the time.)

I knew Clarett was doomed when he stood up Marcus Allen. If you have no respect for Hall-of-Famer Marcus Allen, who takes time out of his schedule to help YOU, then you probably don't belong playing for Ohio State in the first place.

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