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Tuesday · September 23 2003

If you know any Cub fans, you might find them unusually tense this week. The Cubs and Astros each have 6 games left to play and the standings are tied. Houston has 2 against San Francisco and 4 versus Milwaukee. The Cubs have 3 a piece left with the Reds and the Pirates. The schedule favors Chicago, but that doesn't mean anything. They still have to win the games, easier opponents or no, to win the division.

If the 6 games should leave Houston and Chicago tied, a one game playoff will take place next monday at Wrigley (Chicago won the coin toss for home field). We had one of those in 1998 when the Cubs won the one game playoff against San Francisco (ironically, Dusty Baker's former team). Impossible to forget. Dan and I were playing cards in his living room when tickets were announced as on sale at Wrigley. We flew down the stairs, grabbed our bikes and pedaled as fast as we could down Addison. We were each rewarded with 8 tickets and made alot of friends and returned favors passing those around.

The final game next Sunday could end up being really special. Beside the possible playoff implications, the Cubs are retiring Ron Santo's #10 jersey. Love him or hate him (I love him), Ron Santo bleeds Cubbie blue and there is no way that anyone in Chicago is a bigger fan of the team than he is. If the Cubs clinch this week, and especially if they clinch on Sunday, Ron Santo will be the happiest man in town. I'll be cheering for him.

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