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Tuesday · September 23 2003

The new Chicago Bloggers map/directory launched yesterday. The site is extremely well done. Matt Weiler and Nikolai Nolan have put together an easy to use and visually sharp tool that maps the bloggers of Chicago by train and L stop. The Red Line.

What you had to say:
September 23 2003

Maybe the human race can be divided into two groups - those who like picking their noses and those who dislike it. Or, more specifically, those who use tissues only because they know people around them will be offended if they yank a big greenie with a hair in it out of one nostril, and those who use their fingers only in emergencies and buy little packages of kleenex to carry around with them in order to avoid that possibility.

September 23 2003

You're gonna have to explain the correlation to me on that one. I'm el-oh-ess-tee.

September 23 2003

Correlation is trees. I am a forest.

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