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Monday · September 22 2003

The air is thick and windy today. Even if I didn't have a crusty head cold, I would have pulled my jacket out of the closet for today's weather. I welcome blustery days. Maybe they remind me of Scotland or fall flag football leagues or returning to school or fishing with my dad. September will always be January to me; the start of the new year and new experiments.

I got back in touch with Dave yesterday. He's now living in St. Paul, Minnesota. We had a long, familiar, friendly conversation just like we used to on the school bus that one September.

Tomorrow marks three years married to Stacy. September 23, 2000 in Lyons, CO was a perfect, snowy day.

In January, everyone is huddled up with the cold and snow. September is when we do things.

What you had to say:
September 22 2003

Congrats on your anniversary!

Getting married to Stacy is probably the most compelling proof you have that you are a smart guy.

I have also always loved September for the same reasons. Relief from heat and the promise of change.

September 23 2003


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