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Saturday · September 20 2003

I saw Matchstick Men with Mark this afternoon. Wouldn't you know what song was played during a bowling scene in the movie..."More Than This" by Roxy Music. So that's two movies in a row with this song in the soundtrack. If anyone knows of any other movies featuring "More Than This" please inform me. I'm getting used to Bryan Ferry's smoothly styled melody and I must have more.

Matchstick Men was alright as con films go. I think the ending is fairly transparent, but the denoument at the very, very end is audience pleasing. I read that the book ended differently, and I'm not surprised that the screenplay differs. Major film productions like to leave you with a warm fuzzy.

The con-artist movies I have seen appear to have one thing in common. The context is inorganic and isolated from real life, like the setting of a play with two opposing camps of characters. There are the grifters (the con men) and the marks (the victims). Every character in a con film is one or the other and the fun part of watching is figuring out who the mark is: a human shell game. The Spanish Prisoner, House of Games, Confidence all share this quality. I think this is why The Usual Suspects is such a popular and well-liked movie. The first time you see it, you don't even know you are watching a con-artist movie; you don't see the shell game being played. You think you're watching one type of movie and then *BAM*, you don't know what you were just watching.

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September 21 2003

Just saw it--I have some problems with it, as did Michelle, but overall, I was entertained. And that's all I needed tonight.

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