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Friday · September 19 2003

The Built to Spill show last night wasn't my favorite BTS show, but there were enough transcendant moments to make it better than most other band's performances. My favorite BTS show was at Metro after the release of Keep it Like a Secret. The first seven songs were all from KILAS and Perfect From Now On. Dan, Jay, Stacy, and I were definitely loving every minute of that. I doubt I'll ever see any show with a 30 minute section that makes me smile more. Last night was filled with quite a few songs I didn't know, but Doug still played "Untrustable", "The Plan", "Kicked it in the Sun" (woohoo), and "Carry the Zero" which was the high point of the performance.

The high point of the night overall, however, was briefly meeting Doug while walking into Metro. I tapped on Dan's shoulder and said, "Uh, look who is standing behind you in line." Dan turned around, shook Doug's hand and said, "Have a great show." I'm glad he did that, because I followed suit. If he hadn't, I might have just stood there and stared at him babbling, "You're the biggest guitar hero. I can't believe I met you. I fucking love your music." See? Thanks, Dan, for being coherent so I could not make a complete jackass out of myself.

I was so pissed that I forgot to bring the camera. Doug probably would have thought me a geek, but I wanted one of those unseemly pictures where I'm smiling because I'm standing next to a musician I admire and he's smiling because he's wondering, "Who the hell is this guy I have my arm around while his wife is taking a picture of us?". The closest I had previously come to meeting the main performer at a show was pissing in the urinal next to John Wesley Harding at Schuba's. Exciting, eh?

I should introduce myself more often when possible. I'm sure that guys like Doug Martsch who aren't mega-stars go for that sort of thing. He was very gracious when we wished him well. "Thanks, man. Thanks alot."

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September 21 2003

I DO have a picture of me and Peter Garrett, which fortunately DOES make up for my incoherent admiration and babbling that left me feeling in retrospect like The Biggest Geek in the World. However, I don't have a picture of me and Rob Hirst (the Oils drummer), at whom I simply shouted, nudging my at-the-time boyfriend, "LOOK! There's ROB!!” He did turn and wave to me, twice, which I interpreted in my self-importance as a fan as thankfulness at being recognized since Peter Garrett literally and figuratively towers over the other band members in the spotlight. Rob is, however, an amazingly talented drummer and a key ingredient to the writing and performing of many Oils hits.

I am somewhat consoled for all of this by having read Rob's recently released book, "Willie's Bar & Grill...A Rock & Roll Tour of North America In The Age Of Terror," which, in true psycho-fan fashion, I ordered in paperback from Australia for $20 plus $15 shipping and handling. At the end of one chapter, he recounts encounters with women even scarier than I: one with “arms like Rosie the Riveter” who almost crushes most of the bones in his right hand, and another who looked “shifty and suspicious … the kind who’d steal your kidneys or boil your pet rabbit. ‘I’m your biggest fan,’ she claimed . . . . ‘And what do you do in the band?’”

So, at least I didn’t make it into the book.

(Incidentally, that boyfriend that I nudged when spotting my drumming hero denied my amorous advances that night because he knew I was more excited to be sleeping in the same hotel as Midnight Oil as I was to be sharing a bed with him.)

P.S. Jason, I knew you knew I’d post about the Oils in response to your post. But how could I not?

September 21 2003

I did figure you for that, Tori.

" of those unseemly pictures where I'm smiling because I'm standing next to a musician I admire and he's smiling because he's wondering, 'Who the hell is this guy I have my arm around while his wife is taking a picture of us?'." was written with the picture of you and Mr. Midnight Oil in mind.

I'm tempted to set up a weblog for you, Tori, because I just know that will sucker you into posting on it. Then I can repay the favor and we can read each other's babble.

September 21 2003

My wife did not take that picture.

And, I am certainly not going to turn down the offer of a blog from you.

Or do you just want me to stop writing essays on your site?


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