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Wednesday · September 17 2003

When we first packed into the Red Renault and started exploring our own course through the Highlands, I felt there couldn't be enough hours in the day to suck everything in. I needed 40 or 48 hours instead of the standard waking 16. All the requisite parts of travel life first had to be attended to and then we could turn on whichever road we wished. But there was never enough time to do it all. Cameras and journals can't soak up everything fast enough to capture for later. But "later" isn't my interest. I want more "now".

Returning home hasn't changed anything except the landscape. I (try to) fill up every evening of the calendar, add a book a day to my Amazon wishlist which I'll never ever manage to get through, and find movies, music, and games that I'll never have time to consume, much less thoroughly enjoy. I'm superficially busy, because I make sure that it is so.

I need more "now". Winter is coming.

What you had to say:
September 17 2003

sometimes you amaze me at how well you are able to describe yourself to a "T"
This insert is so you- you're like a sponge whether it be for books, music, asking me various medical questions/lingo, or just random knowledge...
and that's what makes you one of the most if not the most interesting/intelligent people I know~
It's a great thing- don't ever stop asking/exploring...

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