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Tuesday · September 16 2003

With a stroke of determined boredom and aimless curiosity, I googled a few names from the past. My findings:

  • Two former girlfriends have hyphenated married names. I'm not at all surprised which two and you wouldn't be either. Damn fortunate for them (and me) they didn't end up with me. Nobody wants to append "-Keglovitz" to anything
  • If you ever run a 5K or 10K, people will find you. And they will know how fast you run. For this reason alone, you shouldn't run a 5K unless you're comfortable with your time. The shame will follow you for a lifetime.
  • A girl I dated very briefly in college is now the editor of a glamour magazine. That's as surprising news as finding out that I'm the editor of Motor Trend or Road & Track.
Google makes a strange permanent record for us all.

What you had to say:
September 16 2003

just prior to my high school reunion i found out our class president had appeared at some bar in london for an aztec camera fan festival. they had pictures of him singing some of their songs. and the mp3s were on the site too. and boy, does he ever sound BAD...

meanwhile, if you type tori's brand-spanking-new-car in google, you find, ME.

thanks, stacy!

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