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Sunday · September 14 2003

It's 4 am and my body thinks it's 10 am. I should already have had 2 cups of coffee, bacon rashers, brown toast with marmalade, watery scrambled eggs, orange juice and cereal. I swear eating the same served breakfast everyday in Scotland made me feel like I was chowing on the old cereal box illustration -- "Frosted Flakes are part of a complete and balanced breakfast".

My favorite breakfast was smoked salmon and eggs on a muffin served on Skye. I never thought I would be the sort (like my grandpa who would open a tin of oily sardines) to enjoy fish within an hour of getting out of bed. But I have a love affair with smoked salmon now.

So it's 4:16 am and my body thinks it's 10:16 am. The sky is pitch black and raining and the emptied-for-vaction refrigerator is, rightly so, empty. Of course, I'm hungry and wide awake. I should have eaten my complete and balanced breakfast by now. The food at the 24 hour Golden Nugget on Lawrence sounds appealing. Life isn't quite normal yet.

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz