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Thursday · August 28 2003

We're all leaving. By monday afternoon, Stacy and I will be in Edinburgh and Kristin will be 40 miles south of Fresno, CA. Stacy and I will return in 2 weeks. Kristin will return in 2 years. Maybe (We hope so, unless of course we've moved by that time too, in which case we hope she's where we are, but you really never know how things are going to turn out when sentences are this long. Do you?)

My head is about to fall off from thinking of everything that might be out of sorts in Scotland. Unless you're willing to park your ass on a beach for a week, vacations need a plan. Our plan has a good exoskeleton. We have the basic circle shell tour laid out. We can choose the creamy filling as we go. If we pass by an internet cafe in Edinburgh or Pitlochry, I'll post some sights and sounds. If we don't, I won't.

Kristin's trip is much longer. She's moving to a new job in a new town in a new apartment. And she doesn't know anyone. I'd be worried about pretty much everyone I know in that situation. Except her. (and Steve too. He'd probably make friends with the malamutes if you stuck him in an igloo.) I'm going to miss my sister a ton and she knows it.

We're all leaving this weekend. The site will be pretty quiet for a couple weeks, but you may see a post or two.

What you had to say:
August 29 2003

i'll be here. i think i'll blog on your blog while you are gone. practice for when i'll be bringin down the house on my own site.

August 29 2003

lol, just going to keep a running commentary of comments in this post?

August 29 2003

Have a *wonderful* trip! Let's all go out for dinner when you come back.

August 29 2003

Sounds great, Mojan.

We usually have a party for Oktoberfest at the end of September (though we missed doing it last year). I think we'll reinstitute that this year and open the doors to everyone.

August 29 2003's kickin' in right about today...I just got my "itinerary" for orientation at work next week- I think it's going to be orientation in every aspect of my life- except the other parts don't have any sort of itinerary going on
Have fun Stac and Jay!
I'm going to miss you guys too...and Chicago dearly- my friends got me a picture of the Chicago skyline- awesome picture to go right above my couch- or should I say your couch???

August 30 2003

Have a fantastic time!! We'll catch up when you get back.

September 01 2003

Did you say Oktoberfest party? Hmmm, I'm in town the last weekend of September--so if you're thinking the 27th, then we're thinking the same thing. And i can bring the malamutes.

September 02 2003

Sounds like I'm thinking the 27th then. It wouldn't be a party without you. Please no malamutes, though. We're trying to keep the floors nice.

Plan on it for that weekend though. Oktoberfest/Stacy's birthday party. Everyone's invited.

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