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Wednesday · August 27 2003

At the Radiohead show on saturday, I looked up and saw a sizable red dot. Stacy confirmed that it was indeed Mars. Holy Christ, Mars was bigger than Thom Yorke's head! I'm told that we were at a Radiohead concert, but I'm convinced I drove 2 and a half hours to watch a music video on a screen with some flashing lights alongside 15 thousand people younger than me. (We still had a good time thanks to the company of Jay and Jill, but the Arvey field show 2 years ago was an order of magnitude better as a concert experience.)

We're planning to take a gander at Mars tonight. I've read some grumbling here and there that the planet didn't impress. I don't expect to see a 4th grade textbook quality picture of a red swirly globe. Expectations are the key to enjoyment.

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August 27 2003

either way, you get to ride in my new car.

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