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Tuesday · August 26 2003

pH productions will be performing their trademark show, pHrenzy, and their newest show, pHamily, over the next month at the Live Bait Theatre. Kristin's friend, Laurianne, is a member of the troupe. If all of Kristin's stories are true, and Laurianne is just one member of the cast, you might laugh milk out your nose. No kidding. I'm planning on checking them out when we get back from Edin-burrah.

pHrenzy is Survivor-style improv. Random rules and audience vote guide one of the players to the coveted pHrenzy tropHy. (Knowing what improv folks get paid, that trophy might mean their next meal, so, please, vote with your heart) pHrenzy is highly recommended by the Chicago Reader.

pH plays at the Live Bait from August 22 to September 27. All shows are at 11pm and take $10 from your wallet. pHamily on fridays, pHrenzy on saturdays. Live Bait Theatre is located at 3914 N Clark, just south of Irving.

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