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Tuesday · August 26 2003

Despite what I advertise, I'm still listening to When Your Heartstrings Break by Beulah. It's that good.

I am, however, really reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. When I looked at the cover (Tony in his manicured white outfit holding a chef's knife), I was totally uninterested. I figured he was going to write about his trips to Provence and Tuscany, the bouquets of obscure Pinot Noirs, and the 18 texture gradients of foie gras. I cracked it open despite the conservative foodie cover. I'm now 2/3 finished with Fear and Loathing in New York Kitchens. Sex, drugs, and fine food. And more drugs. Bourdain doesn't write fine prose, but he's damn funny. His rants on well-done meat eaters, vegetarians, monday fish specials, and sunday brunch are worth repeating out loud. I highly recommend it if you've worked in a restaurant or eaten in one.

Stacy found a highland games festival scheduled during our time in Scotland. I will gladly plunk down my five pounds to see a Scotsman toss a telephone pole.

The end of August means football is coming up, which means it's time to draft fantasy football teams. I suck so badly at drafting these teams that I've taken to creative team naming for my fun. My two entries this year are "Queer Eye Straight Guys" and "Kobe's Accuser". Dan's entry, "Ted Williams' Severed Head" isn't bad, but my all time favorite is still "Betty Loren Maltese Falcons".

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What you had to say:
August 26 2003

Watched a show about NY resturants couple of weeks ago. I guess they have a lot! Anyhow the patrons were eating Bone Morrow on toast...geez,i changed the channel. Will check the book out though - it sounds entertaining.

August 26 2003

Was that "The Restaurant" with Rocco? I've only seen one episode of that and I thought the employee behavior was pretty ridiculous. Compared to the stuff in Kitchen Confidential, it's actually pretty tame. As far as I know, nobody is cooking freebase on Rocco's stove. Two friends of ours, Jay and Jill, are going to Rocco's restaurant next month. Maybe the'll tell me more.

August 27 2003

Tee hee! You just wrote "foie gras" in your blog.

August 27 2003

I didn't even know what foie gras was (exactly) before this book. Now I know it's the liver of a goose that has been fed rich food til it explodes. Or at least that's how Bourdain explains it. That's why I enjoy his book.

August 27 2003

Is that what it is? I can't believe I ate that. It was really good, though.

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