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Saturday · August 23 2003

Scotland is not a large country and two weeks is a good chunk of time for a vacation. No matter how many times we page through the guides and the websites, gawk at the castles and islands, and try to get everything into 13 days, Stacy tries to fabricate another day for another wonder. She has been completely on top of the plan, researching the heck out of every inn, island, and nature walk in the country. I've been more personally concerned with keeping us alive when I drive into the inevitable traffic circle. I truly fear we won't get out of it intact.

Some guys have a natural confidence with large machines. I imagine they have broad shoulders, deep voices, and a knowing nod when instructed "If anything goes wrong, just jiggle the clutch". I think of my dad who walks into an auto repair shop and the mechanic senses he is going to have to be honest. When I walk in, the mechanic knows he'll be able to buy his vacation home afterall.

I'm deathly scared of driving on the left side of the road while steering from the right side of the car. I've never done it and there's nowhere to practice. I'm going to walk up to the car rental agent in Edinburgh and show him our reservation. He's going to hand over the keys and I hope he'll say a prayer with me before sending me off. I will be an instant menace to the countryside.

I have 6 days to mentally prepare.

What you had to say:
August 25 2003

It's not that bad. first off, everyone else is in the left lane, so make sure you just follow one of them. secondly, have stacy remind you 'look right, drive left' (i.e. remember to check the oncoming traffic first which is to your right). thirdly, have stacy shout, 'stay left!' when making turns or exiting the roundabouts. I had my brother do that, and after the first day, I had the hang of it.

One more thing to remember that EVERYONE does, try not to hit the windshield wipers everytime you're trying to hit the turn signal. fun stuff.

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