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Thursday · August 21 2003

The sweetness of a chocolate chip cookie is nice, but I think it's the salt that makes cookies taste so good. Same goes for ice cream.

If you want me to hate you, use one of the following dumbass phrases: "it's not the heat, it's the humidity", "oh, but you drive the reverse commute", and "you'll see when you have kids"

When presented with a dialog box on the screen that has an "Apply" button and an "Ok" button, some people insist on clicking "Apply" then "Ok". Knock it off. I can't stand to watch you do it. People pushing the "Close door" button in the elevator when the doors are already closing or pushing the lobby button when it's already been pushed is the same sort of idiocy.

I will hopefully get a grip at some point today. So don't bother telling me that I need to relax and not worry about elevator buttons. I already know that, but that's the only thing I can concentrate on.

"Focus" is not the word of the day.

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