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Wednesday · August 20 2003

I have discovered Whole Wheat Radio, but I have not yet explored Whole Wheat Radio.

Whole Wheat Radio is an all volunteer, grassroots, labor-of-love webcasting radio station. We broadcast on the Internet 24 hours/day, 365 days/year from a cramped 12 x 12 plywood cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska. Unlike most other webcasts, Whole Wheat Radio is interactive.
Interactive? I launched the WWR browser console (wow, that's alot of frames) to investigate. Listeners were making requests, chatting, and posting info about the music currently playing. The console displayed info about the WWR audience tuned in. The spark of the interactive radio was most alive when users made requests and changed the planned show in real time. I lurked until I was sleepy. Before heading to bed, I saved the WWR playlist file into the SLIMP3 playlists folder and streamed through the stereo. The current song/artist/album playing on WWR displayed on the bright LCD screen. Very cool.

I'll explore more later.

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What you had to say:
August 21 2003

i have to tell you i listened to this make shift radio station from Alaska (just using my Winamp player) and gee they spun some far out tunes. And i did find a band I'd never heard -- "Carbon Leaf" - which I'm listening to now.
Thanks for the link!

September 25 2003

Help Me! I can't get in!!! What did I do???

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