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Sunday · August 17 2003

The first time I watched this 7 frame film of a girl turning into a Coke machine, I knew I was going to have to watch it again. 10 minutes later, I'm wondering why I've spent 10 minutes watching a Chinese girl turn into a Coke machine.

Tori invited me to join Friendster today (and I joined). Joining Friendster in August 2003 is akin to becoming an Ozzy fan because you saw this show on MTV, The Osbornes. I know I'm jumping onto a bandwagon that is primed to start a death spiral into suck. But I hop on anyway at least a full year after it's fashionable to join. I've already missed all the cool stuff including my chance to buy the t-shirt proving that "I heard of them first" and the right to say, "Man, I was in Friendster when there were just 3 of us".

I have been reading a book about self-organizing social structures. It's like uh ra-ah-yain on your wed-ding day.

What you had to say:
August 18 2003

I caved and just joined Friendster.
I've been playing with it for the past two hours.

August 18 2003

I joined today just because kegz joined. Then I invited him to be my only "friend." If he rejects me, I will be a network of one person, unless someday somebody invites me to be their "friend."

So far, this has not made me feel as happy as the people in the pictures on the homepage look. And it definitely hasn't made me as cute as they are.

August 18 2003

HB, I accept you as my friend. I can't wait to introduce you to my (as of today) 11,789 new friendsters. I just know we're all going to get along.

August 18 2003

Jason, I am grateful to you for accepting my request to be your Friendster. In return for your acceptance, I promise to honor and cherish our Friendstership as a sacred bond that shall never be torn asunder by any of my other Friendsters.

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