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Friday · August 15 2003

For just $29.95, Hollywood Is Calling will arrange to have a D-level celebrity call you or a person you care about and deliver a brief, customized message.

Buy a custom happy birthday wish from Lou Ferrigno, the original TV Incredible Hulk for your Hulk-loving 7 year old.

Fred "Rerun" Berry can call and surprise your mom on Mother's Day.

I'm throwing the gauntlet down right now. If anyone bribes Robert Hegyes (Juan Epstein from Welcome Back, Kotter) to personally wish me a happy 30th birthday, I will make you lunch and deliver it in a Welcome Back, Kotter lunchbox.

What you had to say:
August 15 2003

Lou was at Wizard World last weekend. You would not believe the amount of people wearing Hulk tshirts.

August 15 2003

I've been to GenCon before. There's nothing I would not believe.

August 16 2003

I bet Corey Haim is on that list. I wouldn't mind a phone call from Corey Haim.

August 16 2003

I don't see him on there. I think you're gonna have to make due with Lorenzo Lamas.

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