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Thursday · August 14 2003

The players are name, gender, and race unknown. Driver A operates the ubiquitous Nissan Altima and will be known as Altima Person (AP). Driver B operates a beat up pickup truck of undetermined make and model. This player will be known as Pickup Truck Person (PTP)

AP attempts to pass PTP in the 90/53 interchange clover dragway. PTP makes a questionable merging decision which clearly upsets AP. When AP makes the pass on the left, he looks to his right at PTP.

A dirty look to anger and belittle PTP? Gain personal satisfaction that PTP can't drive due to race or gender? Attempt to explain PTPs actions through PTPs cell phone talking, personal grooming, or child scolding?

I'll bet AP felt better and PTP just kept on driving.

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz