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Wednesday · August 13 2003

...and the crowed roared to a deafening din. Seriously, I am a little surprised and very pleased that all I needed was a replacement device. The 2 month saga is over.

I can now listen to "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior by searching the Slimp3 via remote control without getting off the couch. That's as ironic as it gets here; Stacy and I have sworn off trucker hats.

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What you had to say:
August 27 2003

I have been using a client jukebox on my machine that allowed me to assign multiple categories (mood, tempo, occasion) to my songs. I spent hours doing this before a party so I could select a mix of tracks using the tool's "Auto DJ" for my party - e.g. "I want ten hours of music where occasion = party or dance, or mood = upbeat or wild."
Does Slimp3 offer something kinda like this? Or can you only browse by artist/album?
thanks jay.

August 27 2003

SLIMP3 lets you search and/or browse by artist/song/album/genre. You can make playlists ahead of time with a specific collection of songs/albums/artists, but there's no Auto DJ feature for 'mood' or 'occasion'. The only variable you get there is 'genre', which might be good enough for you.

You do have a couple options that I can think of right off:
1) I think SLIMP3 has a plugin to stream the output of another app like winamp. Depending on what client app you're using right now, that's one option.
2) Convert the playlists of whatever you're using right now to SLIMP3s playlist format. These are usually just text files, so it probably wouldn't be that hard.

SLIMP3 is open source and guys are always developing new plugins and toys for it. Chances are if it's a popular need, someone will develop a way to do it.

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