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Wednesday · August 13 2003

We started off the accidentally-planned week of dining out at New Rebozo in Oak Park. Our friend, Kevin the trumpet player (yes, that's his official name), was celebrating his birthday last night. Virtually surrounded by professional musicians (of the non-rock sort), I learned oboe players tediously fashion their own reeds, one cannot become a professional trianglist, and sometimes trumpet players marry other trumpet players.

New Rebozo: I'll just get this out of the way right now. Oh my God! Jorge, the owner treated our table like we were family. He brought samples of the night's specials to the table and described each dish as proudly as a child. Jorge punctuates everything with "Oh my God." Everything. His enthusiasm for his restaurant is overwhelming.

Thankfully, New Rebozo has more to offer than a charasmatic owner with a friendly handshake. The mango margaritas were creamy and delicious. I ordered Carne Yucatan and the steak was very flavorful. Even the rice and beans, an afterthought at most restaurants, were fresh and tasty. Stacy had one of Jorge's specials, Fiesta Mole; four enchiladas each with a separate homemade mole sauce: pumpkin, pistachio, pecan and cashew. I didn't get her complete review, but she raved about the pumpkin mole.

In true Oh my God fashion, Jorge delivered a foot tall mountain of ice cream sprinkled with a variety of sugary breakfast cereals (Trix, Cocoa Puffs, etc.) to Kevin for a birthday dessert. The ice cream was just ok, but this was a matterhorn of ice cream and that counts for something.

New Rebozo on Madison Ave in Oak Park is the best Mexican restaurant I've been to in Chicago. I would certainly go back, especially with a group. Jorge is a ham and he loves an audience.

What you had to say:
August 13 2003

Yummy Yummy. I wish I had even more stomach space to try your dish. The ice cream mountain was very impressive. Oh, my God!

September 16 2003

OH MY GOD! Jorge (or Paco, as we call him) is amazing! He is so inventive and each new dish outdoes the last. The different kinds of mole will be on the menu all this fall, and if you're lucky enough to be there when he has tilapia on special, order enough to freeze and eat again and again! The OMG ice cream is lots of fun, but we just had a wonderful raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream (he makes his one ice creams every day!) surrounded by cake with pistachio jello, chocolate and raspberry sauce, and a chocolate covered strawberry. We love him and we love New Rebozo!

May 21 2004

i love the new rebozo they selbrated their 12 year and i have been there since the begaing my kids are know going to high school and they started to take their dates to see paco. people need to trie the best mexican resturant in chicago.

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