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Wednesday · August 06 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced he is going to run for California governor. I can see the connection...sort of. He's married to a Kennedy, he has a sick amount of money, and he's been politically active as a conservative. The list of challengers is what puts this story over the top.

Other challengers include columnist Arianna Huffington, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, Hollywood billboard queen Angelyne and porn star Marcy Carey.
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What you had to say:
August 07 2003

I think I heard that Gary Coleman is running too. Might be the first candidate who can't see over the podium.

August 07 2003

The Arnold vs. Ahnold debate is why we have television.

August 07 2003

Ridiculous- If he wins right in time for me moving to that state....well that would just figure!

August 12 2003

I think Arnold Schwarzenegger should run for California govenor because his priorites are in order. For number one he has a huge amont of money, he's politically active as a conservative.Its also rumored That former Different Strokes star Gary Colemanis also running for California govenor I think Gary might be the first govenor who'll be able to see over the podium.

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