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Tuesday · August 05 2003

TypePad went live yesterday. The creators of MovableType created TypePad as a hosted weblog service. So to have your own weblog you don't have to use ugly-templated Blogger and you don't have to know all sorts of muckety-muck to use MT.

So what? BFD?

It means if you want to be a geek, but don't have time to be a geek, your table is ready. If you don't like geeks, why the hell are you still reading this?

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What you had to say:
August 05 2003

Wait, which should I install? Now I'm confused. Both seem fabulous. I'm so not tech savvy. I'm... so... not... geeky.

August 05 2003

You already have your own domain and setup. TypePad is more for the person starting from scratch. My guess is you'd be better off going with MT if your host already supports it and you are sure you are tired of doing it by hand.

Mojan, you own a digital camera. You code your blog by hand. Fess up. You be a geek.

August 05 2003

Okay, let's say I *am* a geek.
Would a geek try and fail and try and fail again to install MT, or would a geek just pay someone else to do it?

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