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Sunday · August 03 2003

Lenny Harris approached Cubs GM Jim Hendry after saturday's game and said, "Jim, I can't hit with all the gnats in the air. They're too distracting." Hendry replied, "Lenny, you can't hit. Period."

Well, not really, but I'd like to think it went down that way. The Cubs released Lenny from his duties of forcing fans to watch him hit slow bouncing ground outs. *Boggle* that this took so long.

The gnats are a problem. I don't know if the bug clouds are restricted to the north side or if they are citywide. Stace and I are heading to the game with mom and Eugene today sans mosquito netting. With any luck the gnats headed out of town with Lenny Harris.

Dusty Baker could not be reached for comment on whether the gnats bothered the white players more than the black and latino players on the team.

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