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Thursday · July 31 2003

Blogstop must be an offshoot of an intellectual drinking game I've never played mixed with magnetic refrigerator poetry. Blogstop is a communal site, but membership is closed.

Every post is a sentence with each word starting with the letters that form the last word of the last post. Let me too long...let me sum up...

{Gnarled owls opine daily.}
is followed by
{Does aphrodisiac increase lover's yearning?}

When we moved into our condo from our old apartment, we lost our collection of magnetic poetry phrases that accumulated on the fridge for 3 years. The highlights I remember:

Does my moan produce juice?
Always elaborate the urge to shake skin.
Smell the gorgeous music suit.

What you had to say:
July 31 2003

I've got a magnetic poem for the day...
Me Pass my boards today!!!!

July 31 2003

Tons Of Dollars Are Yours. :)

Great news, I'm very proud of my baby sis. Congrats, Kris!

August 01 2003

Congratulations Kristin! That is great news. :)

August 05 2003

We have a good blogstop going at Andrew's site...

Curiously addictive.

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