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Wednesday · July 30 2003

You've been to Flaming Lips shows. Fake blood, disco balls, people in furry animal outfits with flashlights and close up camera shots of Wayne in his white suit. Oh, you haven't been? I dare you not to smile at least once if you give it a try.

The latest news from the Flaming Lips is their collaboration with Blues Clues host (singer? persona? friend of Blues?) Steve Burns. Songs for Dustmites is set for release August 12. You can listen to the album at I really need to hear this.

On the same news page, Guided by Voices announced the November 4 release date of a 6 CD boxed set, Hardcore UFO's. That will be the third box set released by Pollard. I wonder if he's ever had a song idea and just decided not to record it.

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July 31 2003

I looked the CD up on Amazon and under the 'People who bought this also bought items by...' was listed: Radiohead & The Wiggles. I wonder if any other artist can claim such a fan base.

I listened to half the album and it reminds of something E (from Eels) would put out. You can definitely hear tones of Yoshimi in the music, though. More expressive singing that I was expecting from the Blues Clues guy. Though, for some reason I associate him with Bob Saget and that's definitely not fair.

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