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Wednesday · July 23 2003

Kristin is taking the big test this morning, the physician assistant certification test or her "boards" as they're known. I gave her a box of raisins this morning, so she's well prepared.

The Cubs pulled off an absolutely ridiculous trade yesterday with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jim Hendry, the Cubs GM, robbed the Pirates blind. We get Aramis Ramirez (a 25 year old third baseman with all-star potential) and Kenny Lofton (a rent-a-center-fielder for the rest of the year since Corey Patterson is out). Lofton is aging, but he still has speed and some power. Cubs give up Jose Hernandez, a mid-tier minor league pitching prospect, and a player to be named later. Let's hope the player to be named is Alfonseca. If this trade were in my fantasy baseball league, the commish would deny it for unfairness.

What exactly is so ironic about ironic mustaches and t-shirts? Answers are not allowed to bring up the Alanis Morisette angle.

What you had to say:
July 23 2003

Good luck Kristin!

July 23 2003

Heh, I was wondering just the same thing about the "ironic" moustache and tshirt! I'm glad I'm not the only one that fails to spot the irony.

July 23 2003

Can a mullet be ironic?

July 25 2003

Ironic that it exists perhaps in that it negates all things beautiful...

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