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Wednesday · July 23 2003

After reading "The Kultcha of Electric Moyo" at What Do I Know and visiting Electric Moyo, I'm embarrassed for someone. I'm not sure who, but somebody needs to feel ashamed for this brand of advertising. Electric Moyo is Nissan's "underground" mouthpiece designed to give the Nissan Altima some street cred.

Much respect to Nissan for allowing us to use their billboards and radio commercials as works of art, representing the kultcha of Electric MOYO and promoting our message of freedom, access and respect. These works of artistic messaging would not have been possible without Nissan's permission, and as a result our works are more powerful and farther reaching. The message of Electric MOYO is not about vandalism and does not promote it. My message is about harnessing the power of responsible artistic expression with corporate participation to bring about more freedom, access and respect for myself and the people of Electric MOYO. So to all you natty, freakazoid creators in Electric MOYO land, I've got but one thing to say. Keep it live, keep it legit and keep it legal. Oh, and keep loggin' on as our conversation continues.

The Voice of Electric MOYO.

Who falls for this garbage? Natty, freakazoid creators in Electric MOYO land? Huh?

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz