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Thursday · July 17 2003

If you go to shows, bowling alleys, or bars that sell PBR, you can probably fill out the card in Hipster Bingo quite easily. I found this linked at Very clever.

I'll bet that between my plans for tonight and tomorrow night, I can fill almost the whole card or at least get a few bingos. I'll let you know how I do.

What you had to say:
July 17 2003

gotta give credit where it's due, got that link from Laura of . I just walked down my street and I filled my whole card. damn brooklyn hipsters.

July 17 2003

Where's the square for hipster linking to hipster bingo link? Is that the free one in the middle?

July 18 2003

yeah i guess you have to use the free one for that.

July 18 2003

My card after thursday night:

No bingo yet.

July 22 2003

Wow. I'm a grandpa.

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