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Wednesday · July 16 2003

Here's how you play:

1. Randomly surf around your favorite news site. (Yahoo! works well for this game)
2. Keep reading about Iraq, the All-Star game, and strange medical conditions until you hear odd noises and a rude popup ad graphic appears in front of what you are trying to read.
3. Curse.
4. Look for the little 'X' that will close this fascist advertising scheme that refuses to come packaged in a window-like rectangle with an 'X' in the upper right hand corner like everything else on your screen.
5. Curse more.
6. Find the little 'X' after you have scanned all 4 corners of the graphic and seemingly every pixel on the hidden information laden page.
7. Victoriously click the little 'X'.

My popup killer utility protects me valiantly from regular popups, but these little bastard apps fly under the radar and bug the ever loving hell outta me.

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz