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Monday · July 14 2003

dans_garage.jpgPictured to the left (click for larger image) is Dan Rappel's first prize winning submission in the Chicago Architecture Club's recent design competition. The design topic for the contest was creating a parking garage adjacent to the Kennedy expressway. Dan's entry, with Kevin Shellenbach and Isabela Gould, is a very original approach to designing a large garage space. The ribbon strips that turn into billboards is an element that I could see finding a home in other roadside designs.

John Hill's writeup of Dan's entry at contains much better architectural commentary (he is an architect, unlike me) and lots more pictures. City Hall has the winning submissions on display through the end of this week if you'd like to see the work first hand.

I didn't pay $1.95 for the article, but here you can see a snippet of the writeup Dan got in the Chicago Reader. If you have the paper from 2 weeks ago still lining your bird cage or under your puppy for training, pull it out and read it. Or if you're like me and you have various old Reader sections sitting in your backseat, see if you can find the "Vehicular Visions" article.

We're very proud of Dan and surprised that someone so talented lives 3 blocks away. In addition to being a prize winning architect, Dan also makes intergalactic music with Jupiter, produces very good mix CDs, and has questionable taste in hairstyles.

What you had to say:
July 14 2003

Congrats Dan!!

July 14 2003

Yay Dan! It was a really great article in the Reader.

July 14 2003

Very impressive, Mr. Rappel. Very impressive indeed.

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