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Saturday · July 12 2003

Stace and I headed down to the Chicago Cultural Center this morning to see a couple exhibits. The grass photograph, Supernatural, was the primary objective and the exhibit on gardens around the world was the second. Neither of us have been to the Center before and it was time well spent.

Supernatural by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey was as impressive as advertised. The huge canvas is displayed alone in the dimly lit Yates gallery. The medium is grass, exposed to light in varying amounts, yielding an image in shades of yellow and green. You aren't allowed to stand right next to it, but you can get close enough to see what an amazing technique this is. Viewed from across the room, the entire image comes together in a soft haze and has a very mythical, naturalistic aura.

The other major exhibit we saw displayed photographs of gardens around the world. I enjoy actual gardens more than just pictures of them, but I understand they can't grow shrubbery inside an old library. (The most impressive garden I've ever seen is at Villandry located in the Loire valley of France; truly amazing.)

On the way back, we hit the new Apple store on Michigan Avenue. I'm an unapologetic Windows loyalist, but I wanted to check it out. The presentation is excellent. The designs of both the store and the products make you want to buy one of these sleek toys and play. I just don't know what I'd do with one.

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