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Wednesday · July 09 2003

This morning is about as busy as it gets for me out here in the towers. 9 am meeting: The big boss (but still below the CTO big big boss) said that there's another layer of boss. My boss (not the big boss) is going to be that boss. So the position my boss (now the big boss) had is vacant. I think we have an idea who that will be. Do bosses make more bosses below them so that they are in effect a bigger boss? I dunno, but they gave me the new org chart on the way out. The important thing is that my name is still on it.

Nasty production bug found at 11am. Stop the presses, fix it, ok start em up again. This afternoon will be all about finding the mucked up stuff and getting it unmuckified. Good thing I don't need a boss to tell me how to do that.

The weather is still crap, but I don't really mind. The last thing my skin needs is sun. (Aveeno rocks, btw). It can rain through the weekend for all I care.

David Berg hokogs (hotdogs for the uninitiated) served in the caf for lunch and the ballgame should be on my headphones soon. Just like being at the ballpark except I'm in a cube and I have a monitor in front of me. So it's not really.

Kristin is out in Visalia (CA) today interviewing at a clinic. I can't change the fact that she's going to go somewhere for 2 years, so I hope she finds a new home and job that really suits her and learns alot. California (even if it is central and not coastal) sounds better to me than Guam or Bayou LeBatre, Alabama. Good luck, kiddo.

What you had to say:
July 10 2003

I once stood with about four older guys (my dad's buddies) around a man trying to light a Coleman lantern in a tent. He was having an aweful time (almost burned down the tent twice) and everyone ('cept me, being the kid in the group) had lots of input on what he was doing wrong.

When it was finally lit, he turned to us and said, "You know, it's like I tell my wife, it's my goal in life to have four or five bosses telling me what to do all the time." He then stuck his burned pinky in his mouth and mumbled, "Fuckers."

I think about that line every time more than one person higher than me on the food chain tells me what to do. One of these days I'm gonna say it...

July 10 2003

Garbo speaks! Welcome, DC. :)

I'm actually quite fortunate at my job, because for all the bossery that exists above me, I'm given full reign to do what is best for the project without conflicting orders. That's the irony of the situation; no matter how they change the org chart above me, my job seems the same to me.

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