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Monday · July 07 2003

My belly is so red I can fry an egg on my stomach. I saw The Godfather for the first time -- so take that! I'm no longer an illegitimate film fan. I discovered The New Pornographers, listened to their two albums ad infinitum, evangelized them to everyone I met, and saw them live all in the span of four days. Yeah, I had a good weekend. I refueled completely. The gas pump tells you to please not top off your tank, but I couldn't help myself.

When I visit the beach, it's a catch-22. I'll be bright light white all summer if I don't go, but my skin tans so poorly that I know pain will be involved to make any progress. I'm not into looking leathery or even bronzed. I would gladly settle for something not resembling an infectious rash, but the genetics are against me. I've read that all men who are a mixed breed of Hungarian / Irish / German / Italian / English descent have tanning issues. My goal is to have an even coat of sun, whether it be pale faced nothing at all or sunburn all over. Farmer's tan sucks and you look dumber than dumb.

The New Pornographers show was great. They played their two albums in their entirety, missing maybe a song or two. Neko Case is the perfect foil for Carl Newman's revenge of the Canadian music nerds style. She makes the show without stealing it and is alluring without vamping or being a cute indie pixie. Oh, and she can flat out sing. She could sing VCR instructions and I would want to sing along. Hell, for all I know, she is singing VCR instructions, hardly matters to me.

What you had to say:
July 07 2003

Hey Jay- does the same go for women of those various European backgrounds? Because I seem to get rather dark in the summer...very interesting

July 07 2003

1. Farmer's tan or caddie tan? the latter is more appropriate.
2. Hmmm, I hate that look as well, but you seem less like me to care how bronzed you are, especially if it means avoiding skin cancer.
3. Did you know you can get a 'spray-on' tan now? it's sunless tanning lotion & takes about 2 minutes to get sprayed. Haven't tried it, but Michelle looked tan for a recent wedding.
4. What did you think of the Godfather? You watch a movie like that and have no comment? Time to rent the 2nd one.

July 07 2003

I must have gotten those genes from dad. So maybe it's just a Hungarian/English guy thing. Another thing, you don't shrivel away in a cubicle like I do, just wait until you're in a rural clinic every day.

No, you're right, you'll still be more tan than me, I got screwed in the melanin dept.

July 07 2003

What in the world can I possibly say about The Godfather that hasn't already been said. Telling people The Godfather is a good movie is like telling people that Doritos taste good. It's not a matter of opinion, it's plainclothes fact. I am just happy that people can't look at me with their jaw on the ground "oh..mah...gah, YOU haven't seen the gah-fathah?"

I don't caddy anymore and I sure as shit ain't a farmer. So can we just call it the dude too skinny to walk and bike with his shirt off, so his chest never gets tan tan? I don't want a spray on tan. I want to suffer through the burn, peel it all off, then burn again and wonder what the hell I'm doing. And of course Michelle looked good with a spray on tan, she's prettier than I am.

July 09 2003

Funny stuff.

I didn't know for sure that you would have liked the Godfather; some people don't like it. i think. Not to mention that you're seeing it 30 years after it's made, have heard so much hype about it, and may have set your expectations too high. let me know when you see the 2nd one, I like it as much as the first, and some of it more.

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