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Sunday · July 06 2003

We're swimmingMontrose beach -- before it fills up with people on every square inch of sand -- is an excellent place to spend a sunday morning. Stacy and I set up camp, turned on the music and enjoyed the early part of the day. I sat down chest high in the freezing water for a few seconds, ok that's enough of that. I'm gonna sit right over here, read Kavalier & Clay, sip my lemonade and entertain myself with people watching. The walking balloon guy strolls across the beach and he always makes me laugh. How exactly does he get all those balloons down to the beach? Where does he stash them overnight?

I definitely found a missing piece or two this weekend. More on that later.

What you had to say:
July 07 2003

Great book. I mailed it to my dad a few months ago after I finished it thinking he'd like the Jewish aspect. We'll see.

Have you been back to the beach that Michelle & I used to go to? Down on Lake Shore & 63rd...near Jackson Park golf course. We used to take Vegas swimming there and eat subway. Doug first told me about it when he saw the incredible building built way back when that was a hip area.

July 07 2003

Yeah it is a great book, agreed. Since John Irving started to suck, I have really missed huge, fun epic books like this. I have not been down to that beach. Montrose is convenient and it's good for my self-esteem. How am I supposed to get a proper sunburn with six-pack ab beefcakes around like at North Avenue beach? At Montrose, I'm in the top percentiles. ;)

I also found that if you play rock music loud enough at the beach, nobody else will sit near you. Peace through noise.

July 09 2003

The beach I referred to is South Side. You'll have no problem with self-esteem issues there. It's wide open, doesn't get packed, has some good concessions, easy parking, and the water seems warmer down there (perhaps a closer nuclear power plant?). Just a new thing to check out...perhaps you can play 9 holes with stacy at jackson park & then go to the beach right there.

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