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Friday · July 04 2003

There is absolutely nothing obscene or dirty about The New Pornographers, except that I have a mainline addiction to their pop hooks this weekend. Luckily for me, the group is playing at Metro sunday night. Ask Stacy and she'll tell you I've been a muppet for last 24 hours, wailing in a painful falsetto attempting to imitate Neko Case. One anonymous reviewer on Amazon rightly said that The New Pornographers are easy to sing along with, but impossible to sing along with well.

To be fair, Dan put "Letter From an Occupant" on a mix CD for me last year, but I didn't give the song its due. This is a general testimony to the quality of Dan's CDs that I would miss an absolute gem like "Letter". Rappel came by a couple weeks ago and I put that mix on for no special reason. He was shocked I hadn't gotten into it more, and he was right.

Do I need to mention you can download their second album, Electric Version from EMusic? No, I don't; and the first 50 downloads are free, so stop reading this drivel and go download "The Laws Have Changed" and settle into a pop induced stupor. You'll walk around grinning like an idiot going "bop bop bop" and when people ask you why you're smiling, you can mumble something about "pornographers" and then they'll understand.

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