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Thursday · July 03 2003

I've discovered EMusic via a recent entry at What Do I Know. For $14 a month, you can download all the music you want, and it's yours, no digital management rights, no strings. You won't find any major label stuff, but EMusic has agreements with an absolute slew of indie labels. I've already picked up Interpol, The Hives, The New Pornographers, Big Star, Blackalicious, Merle Haggard, Matt Pond PA, Taking Back Sunday, Llama Farmers, Mogwai, and the list keeps on going. I tend toward indie rock, but EMusic has rap, jazz, classical, country, international, soundtracks, etc.

This is exactly what I have been looking for: a low risk way to find music I might otherwise not have come across. I've seen reviews of EMusic claiming that their collection isn't big enough, but I've gotten my money's worth already in one day.

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