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Thursday · July 03 2003

Stacy gave me the tipoff that Built to Spill is coming to Metro. Know that it pains me to link to Ticketmaster, but with The Clubhouse closed, I don't know if there's any other way to buy tix for shows at Metro without paying extra fees.

The shows are September 17th and 18th. I'll happily go to both. If you're planning to be there, let me know.

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July 19 2003

From Pitchfork Media on the east coast tour:

I couldn't agree more with: "Okay, so you may have to sit through a rendition or two of the überpeppy, Friends-esque "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss", but isn't it worth it, just knowing that a gem like "Kicked It In the Sun" may linger right around the corner?"

Also good news, HiFi records opened a store in the space vacated by The Clubhouse, so Ticketbastard-less-Metro tickets for everybody. Yay!

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