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Wednesday · July 02 2003

The last 2 weeks feel like I've been working on a jigsaw puzzle and I can't find the last 3 pieces to finish it. Because those 3 pieces are missing, I can't see the whole picture. To make matters trickier, someone is looking over my shoulder while I work on the puzzle and they are causing me stomachaches and headaches. I have a pit in my belly everyday and I don't know what put it there. I'm doing it all wrong and another day goes by. There is someone I didn't call, someone I didn't visit, a project I didn't finish, a feeling I can't describe.

I'm searching online for the missing pieces, but they aren't there. I looked all along the lakeshore, on my porch, and scoured almost every street in my neighborhood. This isn't like losing my keys. I know what my keys look like and if I really lost my keys, I'd get a copy made from the spares. All I know of these missing pieces is their outline.

I must be doing this all wrong. The puzzle might have been finished by now if I had started with these pieces and worked outward.

© 2003 Jason Keglovitz