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Monday · June 30 2003

No sooner do I say something like this, and then Stacy calls me on the phone. If you live in Chicago (and probably even otherwise), you heard about or saw the news of the tragic porch accident this weekend in Lincoln Park. I saw very little news of the specific names and faces of the people at that party. Watching the newswomen on channel 5 sunday morning repeatedly go over the events, I assumed I had no connection to anyone.

Disasters happen outside my bubble. My sister always seems to have a personal connection to someone involved in the bad news. Car accidents, suicides, friends mugged...I always listen in disbelief -- disbelief and a good amount of confusion -- because I truly don't understand. I can't pretend to because I've always been safe. My friends and family have always been safe. Losing good friends to senseless violence and accidents is not part of my experience and I will never be able to tune into my sister's stories because I just haven't been there and I don't know that sense of loss and pain. I'm thankful for that, I'm definitely thankful to not understand.

Stacy called me this morning and told me about a girl involved in the porch collapse. I watched the newswomen on channel 5 sunday morning repeatedly describe a girl around 20 years old who could not be identified by the hospital. The women showed her jewelry on TV (hoping that someone watching could help with the ID) and I assumed I didn't know her, because I never do. Stacy did. Stacy was working closely with her on a project at work. They had a project meeting just last friday. I don't know much more about her current condition or any details, and even if I did, this wouldn't be the place to share them. I hope that everything works out well and she recovers as soon as possible.

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What you had to say:
June 30 2003

Michelle sent me the article of those who died and I prayed that I didn't know anyone. Which I didn't.

The closest I've come to what you describe above is talking to a banker who died a week later on 9-11.

I don't know why I've had a similar bubble, but I expect it to burst someday. You're a numbers guy: chance, luck, putting yourself in risky situations, increasing your likelyhood of an accident....

June 30 2003

I thankfully do not know anyone that was involved in the porch accident...unfortunately Norridge has enough going on of its' own right now with 4 wakes and 4 funerals for the next four days...hopefully my luck or should I call it lack thereof will change soon in my surroundings...until then, I just think and pray daily that people will learn to be a bit more cautious and careful...

June 30 2003

Man, if you believe in God, just pray pray pray.

I am also fortunate that no one I know was hurt, but things like this definitely remind me that we just never know what will happen. And it makes me want to fill my life with more good things -- so that when I go, I go happy.

July 01 2003

Sad news. The girl Stacy knew passed away last night. :((

July 01 2003

Oh. Man.
I hope her family and friends are alright.

July 03 2003

Not sure if you caught this; we were not only at this game, but used this escalator anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes before it malfunctioned. Our seats were in-between the 2 escalators, and for some reason we went left, getting on the one that sped up & injured 20 people. It wasn't until the next day (today) even that we found out something had happened. This could have been much worse, and we could have been caught in it...randomness.,1413,36~53~1491609,00.html

July 03 2003

I'm so glad you guys are ok. What's with all these freak events?

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