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Monday · June 30 2003

The Trib had an article in the sunday paper about Neighborhoodies: hooded sweatshirts with your neighborhood name emblazoned across the front. (i.e. the adult version of the greek lettered sweatshirts sorority sisters wore in college) They also sell t-shirts, robes, hot pants ('Back of the Yards'?), and a number of other items you can put letters on. I don't think this company is doing anything special with their lettering that you couldn't get done on your own, but their list of neighborhoods across the country is in-depth. Their site lists Uptown and Ravenswood, but I technically live in Sheridan Park. But if you tell anyone that doesn't live in Sheridan Park that you live in Sheridan Park, you haven't really answered their question, because they still have no clue where you live.

What you had to say:
July 01 2003

My gawd I'm cheesy. I want one of these so badly.

July 01 2003

Must you always bring up Sheridan Park so I am forced to remind you that you live in Uptown? :)

The link you provided for Sheridan Park is run by a Real Estate group, because real estate agents think Uptown sounds too scary.

By the way, did you see that Lincoln Square is the ONLY neighborhood in the entire city where real estate prices fell last year? Is that possible? The only explanation I can think is that a lot of new condos went online in a neighborhood that doesn't have a lot of condos. It certainly doesn't seem like Lincoln Square is becoming crappier, does it?

July 01 2003

Please explain why there are Sheridan Park banners in the neighborhood? (If they aren't still up, they used to be.) I have no problem saying I live in Uptown, but I don't feel like I do. I feel more like a poser saying I live in Uptown. Can I just get a sweatshirt that says "Border between Ravenswood and Uptown"? You think that would fit?

July 02 2003

I'm getting a hoodie with either "Boystown" on it, or "Cheesman Park" (denver neighborhood with the same demographics as Boys Town). Scratch that, I'm definitely getting one that says "The Bottoms", which was the name for my Denver 'hood in the late 1800's. Now, we're not sure if we're part of Ballpark, Commons Park, Central Platte Valley, Prospect Place or the LoDo neighborhood.

Like Dan said, sometimes it depends on the Real Estate agents who need those definitions to sell homes, but many times, like Jason pointed out, it's up to the neighborhood businesses & people living there. Maybe I'll put up a banner: Rotter Park.

July 02 2003

How bout the Hot Pants with 'The Bottoms'? Very hot.

And Dan, that fact about Lincoln Square is really surprising. That area seems just as hot as anywhere else. Lincoln Square is definitely not getting crappier.

July 02 2003

We did get a "History of Sheridan Park" brochure when we moved in. Plus the banners. Very official. :) I would say I lived there if anyone knew where it was. Maybe I will start saying it so I spread the news. Anyway, I need a hoodie that says "Lawrence and Clark".

July 02 2003

Dan told me he saw our real estate agent plant that "History of Sheridan Park" brochure during the walkthrough. Real estate propagandist.

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