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Monday · June 30 2003

A weekend spent entertaining family from out of town is never a lazy summer weekend. I really need one of those. It's that selfish streak for more free time to spend doing god knows what coming out again.

If you look at the days of summer like a giant hourglass where the sand falls too quickly, stop. Don't tell me, "I can't believe June is almost over." Tell me, "July is starting; I love the weather right now. I want to take an afternoon nap in the grass." Plenty of sand left *and* it's technically still June, at least for today.

What you had to say:
June 30 2003

I honestly wonder if you would be happier moving to a warmer climate. I understand the '4 seasons' and 'winter makes you appreciate summer SO much more' arguments...but now that I live in a somewhat better climate (Denver), I don't believe them.

I spent 29 grueling chicago winters counting down the days to spring/summer. But in this last denver winter, I had more days of sunshine than all the other winters combined. And it felt good.

Some people are more weather-driven than others; and some will admit it more than others. But until I moved here, I didn't realize how different it could be & make me feel.

I'm not saying Denver is right for you necessarily; i mean, we do get large amounts of snow dumping on us every couple of weeks in the winter months. But that snow melts pretty fast & you don't have to see the same snow on your curb get blacker & blacker from December - April when it finally melts.

Anyways, my original question was: do you think you may enjoy a year-round warm climate?

June 30 2003

Short answer? Yes.

June 30 2003

I agree with the above...reason being why I've chosen to take on an interview next week in central Cali- may be a bit too hot for me- but 2 years of that should prepare me to move back to the 4 seasons of Chicago

June 30 2003

Can I move to Cali with you? Why can't things be that easy?

June 30 2003

Things ARE that easy. We're the ones that make them harder. Move there for a couple of years; find a job. enjoy the climate. move back or somewhere else. rinse, repeat.

June 30 2003

weekends. i remember those.

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