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Friday · June 27 2003

Four men died in a car crash early this morning in Norridge. The one way street their truck was speeding down is about a block from my mom's house.

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June 27 2003

Yikes! I heard about that on NPR this morn.

June 27 2003

I never seem to get over crimes and/or disasters that happen "close to home," you know?

June 29 2003

Yet again- like you say Jay- my friends and I must have some bad karma going on around sad- they all just graduated from Ridgewood- friends with many of my friends younger siblings...

June 30 2003

Kris, I know, I don't understand it. Then that terrible porch accident happens this weekend in Lincoln Park. Sometimes I feel like I've floated through the possibility of bad events in a bubble where I and the people close to me are safe from these things. I'm happy to be that fortunate.

June 30 2003

I know! Ugh- terrible that Stacy knew one of the unfortunate people...what a tragic weekend!

July 04 2003

It's so sad because i graduated with the boys that died in the car crash on wilson ave. And i just keep thinking that they'll be back and I can run up to them and tell them to never do something like that again because they scared all of us

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