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Friday · June 27 2003

Sox fans, like small children and dogs, should be seen and not heard. Is there anyone left in this city who hasn't heard the same tired crap about how the Cubs are fake baseball entertainment for yuppies and the Sox are the real, gritty baseball team? Here's a map, you must be new to town.

If you gotta know, I personally hate the bleachers. I'm also a huge Cubs fan, as in really big fan since I was 6 years old and lost my lunch money in 4th grade on a bet when the Cubs lost the (then for charity) Crosstown Classic to the Sox (as they did every year). I love my team; I love baseball. Apparently, I'm some sort of rare Cubs fan species. I only fit in with the 80 year old ladies in the upper deck who wear no less than 26 pieces of Cub flair on their mesh hats.

I've tried the park on the southside. Didn't really work out for me. I have nothing against the Sox as a team, however. It's just their fans that seem to have some serious issues. As I said before:

Sox fans think their park is all these great things, but it didn't work out for me. I did enjoy how much effort Sox fans go to to show their distaste for all things Cub and northside. "Cubs suck, Cork this, Sosa sucks, etc." Sox fans have a complex. One word: Obsessed.
I'll say it again: obsessed.

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June 27 2003

Wow, I just read that article and I am flabbergasted. Yes, there are people at Wrigley who are there for the "atmosphere". But guess what? There were people at the Sox game who didn't watch every pitch either! (especially when it takes 2.5 innings to get a hot dog). Anyway, saying there is only one baseball team in Chicago is ridiculous. I prefer the National League (my dad was a big Reds fan growing up), I like watching Cubs pitching, I keep hoping Cubs offense comes around. I am a baseball fan and I like the Cubs. Nuff said.

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